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Welcome to Dos Amigos, Where you can enjoy a unique fusion of Spanish flavours and Italian flare, with the introduction of Antonio’s Italian kitchen at Dos Amigos – authentic Italian pasta and pizza dishes. Tapas can be shared or eaten individually at Dos Amigos we recommend ordering approximately three dishes per person. Please note we have now reduced the amount of salt (40%) and saturated fats (50%) in our foods, should our customers find some dishes a little bland a pepper and salt mill will be provided please just ask a member of staff. For special offers please check our website or ask any member of staff what offer is currently available. Don’t forget to check the board for our weekly specials, please enjoy your visit many thanks from Antonio and his team.

Meat Tapas

Meatballs cooked in tomato sauce with onions £5.25
Pan fried, sliced smoked chorizo Rosario in a red wine sauce £5.75
Croquetas de Pollo
Homemade chicken croquettes served with alioli £5.45
Pollo a la Plancha

Grilled strips of chicken marinated in harissa, lemon juice and garlic £5.95
Pinchitos de Morunos

Marinated pieces of lamb on a skewer £6.95
Hiadillos con Morcilla
Sautéed chicken livers and spanish black pudding with pancetta,
Chilli and red wine £5.75
Polo pimiento Negra
Pan fried chicken in a black pepper sauce £5.95
Guisado de Jabali

Diced wild boar, braised in dark brown sugar, prunes, apricots, sweet potato
and almonds £6.95
Rosario con Patatas

Rosario chorizo pan fried with onion and sautéed potatoes £5.95
Pollo al Citro
Strips of chicken pan fried in a lemon and lime citrus sauce £5.95
Pepperoni Ripieni
Roast red pepper stuffed with spicy pork and cheese
There are set menus also available on tapas for large parties starting from £13.95 per
person again, please ask a member of staff for more information.
Should any special dietary information be required regarding the contents/ingredients
of our dishes please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Seafood Tapas

Calamares Romana
Lightly dusted squid rings deep fried served with alioli £4.95
Gambas Ajillo
Pan fried king prawns in garlic and white wine £6.95
Gambas pil pil

Pan fried king prawns in garlic, paprika and chill £7.35
Mejillones Marinera
Fresh mussels cooked in white wine with cream or tomato, garlic and
fresh parsley (chilli can be added on request) £6.25
Sardinas a la Plancha
Grilled sardine fillets £4.25
Calamares y Chorizo
Pan fried squid and chorizo in tomato sauce £5.75
Gambas Frito
King prawns in our own paprika batter £6.95
Caldereta Gallega
A medley of fish, prawns and shellfish in a fish broth with roast garlic
and peppers (contains prawns with shells) £7.50

Vegetarian Tapas

Patatas Bravas
Fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce (extra cheese 75p) £3.95
Patatas Alioli
Fried potatoes with alioli £3.95
Spanish omelette with onion and potato £3.95
Berenjenas Rellenas
Roast aubergine boat with a gratin cheese top £4.95
Jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese £4.95
Mixed bean casserole with fresh coriander and garlic croutons £4.75
Peppers, aubergine and courgette slow cooked in tomato sauce
(Italian ratatouille) £4.95
Papas Estrelladas
Crushed baby potatoes pan fried with rosemary, paprika and garlic oil £4.40
Tender lentils slow cooked in tomato sauce, onion and harissa £4.25
Zucchini Fritti
Courgette sticks in batter served with alioli £4.25
Steamed baby spinach drizzled with garlic oil then oven baked with a blue
Cheese top £5.25
Croquetas de Patatas
Potato croquettes £3.95
Pepperoni Ripieni
Roast pepper stuffed with a veg risotto £4.50
Arroz Picante
Saffron bomba rice with onion, fresh chilli and peppers £4.30


All our pasta is cooked fresh to order, as are all the sauces, using only the finest Italian fresh pasta and ingredients, in true authentic Italian style and prepared by our Italian chef Antonio!

First choose your favourite pasta:- Spaghetti, Penne, Fusilli, Tagliatelle, Gnocchi or Tortellini.

Next add your favourite sauce
Ground beef in a tomato sauce £7.27
Homemade pork meatballs in a tomato sauce £7.50
pancetta, egg, cream and parmesan £7.95
Panetta, onion, cream and tomato sauce £7.75
Chorizo, panetta, onion, cream and tomato sauce £8.25
Peas, courgette, peppers, onion, mushroom and tomato sauce £7.25
Choice of green basil pesto or red sundried tomato with a hint of cream £7.95
A mix of Italian cheeses, cream and radicchio £7.95
Smoked salmon, cram and saffron £8.25
Seafood medley, onion, fresh cherry tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil £8.95
Homemade beef lasagne £7.50


Pizza Margherita
Mozzarella cheese and tomato £0.00
Pizza Funghi
Marghertia plus mushrooms £0.00
Pizza Prosciutto
Marghertia plus ham £0.00
Pizza Diavola
Pepperoni, chilli, onion, tomato and cheese £0.00
Pizza Verdura
Veg, tomato, onion and cheese £0.00
Pizza 4 Formaggi
Parmesan, blue, mozzarella, manchego and tomato £0.00
Ham, mushrooms, cheese and tomato sauce £0.00
calzone pizza filled with bolognese sauce and cheese then deep fried £0.00
Parma ham, dolcelatte, pepperoni and mozzarella £0.00
Serrano ham, manchego, chorizo and mozzarella £0.00

Side Orders and Platters


A basket of bread £1.95


a basket of homemade bread with one dip / salsa £2.95

Pan Catalan
basket of bread with fresh chopped tomatoes, Fresh basil and e.v. olive oil £3.50

Pizza ajillo
garlic pizza with tomato £4.75

Pizza queso
garlic pizza with tomato and cheese £4.95

Pan de pizza
fresh dough balls with alioli £3.50

Selecion de montado

Toasted bruschetta style bread with toppings;
Serrano ham £4.50
Manchego cheese
Roast Piquillo peppers
Olive tapenade £3.50
Vine tomatoes and basil
Mixed selection £5.95

Salsa/dips £1.75 each

garlic and extra virgine olive oil mayo.
Salsa Mojo rojo
roast red pepper salsa (spicy)
Salsa Mojo verde
roast green pepper salsa
Tapenade de Acietunas
black olives, capers and olive oil tapenade
Tapenade de Berenjenas
roast aubergine and pepper tapenade
homemade chilli paste (very spicy)
Olio e aceto
extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Cold platters

marinated mixed olives £2.50
cheese £4.95
marinated anchovies £3.75
Jamon Serrano
Hand carved Serrano ham £5.95


Ensalada mixta

mixed salad £3.95
Insalata Tricolore
Baby mozzarella, vine tomatoes and fresh basil drizzled with e.v.o.oil £4.25
Alcachofas y Queso
Artichoke hearts, anchovies manchego and mixed leaf £4.50
Fresh vine and baby plum tomatoes, Red onion and fresh basil £4.25
Wild rocket, manchego cheese, baby tomatoes, and Serrano ham £4.50